To No One’s Surprise, Romney Flip-Flopped Again Today

Talk about finger-in-the-wind politicking:

In a visit to Ohio today, Mitt Romney declined to state on his position on a high-profile referendum there on the new state law that curtails the bargaining rights of public employee unions. But earlier this year, Romney indicated support for the reforms signed by Gov. John Kasich.

“My friends in Ohio are fighting to defend crucial reforms that the state has put in place to limit the power of union bosses and keep taxes low,” Romney wrote on his Facebook page in June. “I stand with John R. Kasich and Ohio’s leaders as they take on this important fight to get control of government spending. Please visit for more information.”

The website is devoted to advocating for “Issue 2,” the ballot measure which would ratifiy the collective bargaining legislation passed earlier this year. If the referendum fails, the law would be overturned.

Polls show that the measure is likely to be rejected by Ohio voters on Election Day next month.

Appearing today at a GOP phone bank near Cincinnati, Romney told reporters that he wouldn’t indicate his position on the referendum.

“I am not speaking about the particular ballot issues,” Romney said, according to CNN. “Those are up to the people of Ohio. But I certainly support the efforts of the governor to reign in the scale of government. I am not terribly familiar with the two ballot initiatives. But I am certainly supportive of the Republican Party’s efforts here.”

In other words, when it looked like it was gonna win, Romney was all for it. But now that it’s struggling, Romney’s backpedaling so fast he probably should get a speeding ticket. And what’s especially ironic is that the support of someone as well known as Romney might actually help the ballot issue’s chances.

Romney’s principles are clearly set in sand, not stone.


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