ACLJ Sues HHS Over ObamaCare Contraceptive Mandate

The first lawsuit on behalf of a private business owner has been filed against ObamaCare’s contraceptive mandate, joining seven states in taking the highly controversial mandate to the courts. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ, not to be confused with the ACLU) reported:

It is a tremendously important lawsuit. We filed suit today in federal court in St. Louis, Missouri on behalf of a St. Louis business owner and his company. Our argument is clear: the HHS mandate, which requires employers to purchase health insurance for their employees that includes coverage for contraceptives, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs, violates the religious beliefs of our client.

You may recall that there have been several suits filed nationwide challenging the HHS mandate. But this is the first complaint filed on behalf of a private business owner. We represent Frank R. O’Brien and O’Brien Industrial Holdings, LLC  (OIH) – a holding company based in St. Louis. O’Brien is chairman of OIH which operates a number of businesses that explore, mine, and process refractory and ceramic raw materials, with its products going to more than 40 countries. His companies employ nearly 100 people and this Catholic entrepreneur does not want to be forced, under penalty of law, to comply with a mandate that violates his deeply held religious beliefs.

There’s absolutely no reason, nor authority, for the federal government to be telling business owners what his insurance plan has to cover. If the government can do that, then they can tell businesses what brand of coffee they have to use in the break room.

More and more, Obama’s federal government is trampling on our rights and freedoms, making Ted Nugent’s term “Fedzilla” that much more appropriate. And Fedzilla must be reined in soon.


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