Your Tax Dollars At Work: Nearly $1 Million Spent By The Government On Ads

Just another way the government spends your tax dollars:

Federal agencies spent at least $945 million on contracts for advertising services in fiscal year 2010, and that sum doesn’t include all public communications expenditures in the agencies reviewed or even all of the executive branch, a congressional report out last week shows.

Congressional Research Service reported that the calculation was incomplete since the total sum may never be fully known.

Of course, some of it is actually for a good reason:

Of that total that was calculable, more than $545 million was spent by the Defense Department, much of it on ads to attract recruits, CRS noted.

And, then there’s other uses:

Congress has criticized government spending on advertising on two recent occasions — in March 2011, when the General Services Administration was questioned on hiring a private consulting firm to rebut criticisms that environmental contamination at one of its facilities had sickened and killed GSA employees.

The other was in August 2010, when House Republicans on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee faulted seven agencies for engaging in propaganda to promote the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The ironic part is, it really doesn’t seem that the ad blitz did much to change the public’s mind about ObamaCare. According to Rasmussen Reports, 56% still favor a repeal of it.

Money well spent? Maybe some of it, but not all of it.


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