Oil Workers Protest Obama Visit

What, did he expect a warm reception from these people?

The President is scheduled to speak in Payne County [Oklahoma] this Thursday morning. It may be rural Oklahoma, but when it comes to pipelines, it’s the Capitol. The President is expected to talk about energy, though many in that industry are not impressed.

They are even planning to protest his visit, calling it a political ploy more than a genuine interest.

Mike Cantrell with the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance says, “For the last three years he’s been anti-fossil fuels.”

Mickey Thompson, an energy industry expert and political analyst, says, “He calls our industry an industry of the past and they’d like us to go away.”

And these guys seem to have a pretty good handle on why Obama is coming to Oklahoma:

Thompson says, “The President is using this, frankly, as a publicity stunt to say he’s doing something against high gas prices.”

Cantrell says, “We take exception to the hypocrisy of standing before the largest crude oil facility in the world and saying anything about energy.”

Hypocrisy and publicity… yep, that’s Obama all right.

Of course, we can’t have The One bothered by the sight of actual oil workers:

The event isn’t open to the public or the protesters.

In other words, just a photo op so the lefties in the MSM (but I repeat myself) can print pretty pictures of Obama and say, “See! He cares!”


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One response to “Oil Workers Protest Obama Visit”

  1. deliaangel says :

    Doh’Bama thinks he’s Elvis and can do a fly-by, throw out a sweat-rag off of his neck, point to a fainting ‘lady’ in the audience and then ski-daddle to the next ‘same-same’.


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