Chu Gets Chewed Out

I think Energy Secretary Chu got his head handed to him by Rep. Patrick McHenry (despite what the YouTube description says, he’s a Representative for North Carolina, not California).

Common American Journal provides a handy transcript of the best part:

“My time is short, you’ve listed a long list of things that this administration has done. I have not yet heard that there are trying to increase the supply of American oil or our refining capacity or limit the regulations in the diversity of blends that are required.

I have heard nothing from you today that indicates a policy this administration has put in place that will meaningfully impact the price at the pumps, other than driving it up!

The policies this administration has put in place have actually increased the cost of fuel at the pumps. They have increased the cost of commuting for my constituents.

And to tell my constituents, with 10 percent unemployment, Western North Carolina, that you need to buy a Nissan Leaf? That in order to commute for 50 minutes a day you’re going to have to have an employer who is wonderful enough to provide you a place to plug in your car, so you can get home? Is absolutely ridiculous.

And the anger my constituents have of the cost at the pumps is very real, and if the President doesn’t get this and if the Secretary of Energy doesn’t get this then we’ve got a real problem here.

At the moment, I work from home, so I don’t have a commute problem, but I do have friends and family members with medical issues, even needing what you might call “hardware” to get around, so I need a vehicle with enough room to fit more than one or two people and the assorted hardware. In short, an SUV, though a midsize one (I don’t drive a Hummer or Suburban).

However, if Secretary Chu and his boss Obama had their way, we’d all be forced into either public transit or electric cars that don’t go very far. I can tell you that if my family has to go to the region’s best hospitals, over 100 miles away, a Leaf isn’t going to cut it, since the Leaf has a 73-mile range. So what am I supposed to do–if I’m forced to buy a Leaf–stick them on the bus that runs once a day in each direction? Put them on an airplane for that short hop? Let them suffer?

So why do Obama and Chu hate the elderly and disabled, and those that care for them?

The point is that not everyone can really use public transit, or Leafs, or Smarts. Some people have a real-life need for a larger vehicle. And the lefties love to say that they’re about choice, shouldn’t we have the choice of what to drive, without gas prices that are artificially inflated by government policies forcing us to choose things we don’t want?

It seems the pro-choice crowd is only pro-certain-choices.


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