I Guess It’s Mitt

I want to start out by making a very emphatic statement. I am not at all happy that the primary process has shaken out this way. But, I guess it’s time to admit, we’re probably gonna have to run with Mitt as the nominee against Obama.

The one thing he has clearly in his favor is that he’d be a marginal improvement over Obama. However, that’s really not that big an advantage, because I could argue that Elmer Fudd would be a marginal improvement over Obama. At least Elmer is clearly pro-gun and pro-hunting.

A friend tries to argue that Ronald Reagan was once a liberal Democrat, and while his point is true, and well taken, it’s important to remember that Reagan governed California largely as a conservative, running on the slogan of putting the welfare bums back to work; while Mitt governed Massachusetts as a lefty, including RomneyCare.

As I said yesterday, Mitt is tofu: he takes on whatever flavor he’s surrounded with. Our best hope now is to elect a strongly conservative Congress and hope and pray that Mitt takes on that flavor.

I’ll vote for him in November, but I’ll need a clothespin for my nose in the voting booth.


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