Obama Support For Half A Pipeline Equates To No Support

In a blatant attempt to get out from under the well-deserved blame for gas prices, Obama is making a well-publicized push for half of the Keystone XL pipeline. Only one problem: that’s not the half that is causing the political problems.

President Barack Obama will issue a memo on Thursday directing federal agencies to prioritize permitting of TransCanada’s southern leg of the Keystone oil pipeline, a senior White House official said on Wednesday.

With his Republican opponents hammering away at the president over high gasoline prices, Obama will visit Cushing, Oklahoma on Thursday to promote his energy policies, which include support for the southern leg of the pipeline.

One big thing to remember about this: TransCanada hasn’t even gotten to the point of asking for permits for the southern half of the pipeline:

But TransCanada has not yet applied to build the southern leg, so it remains uncertain exactly which agencies would need to grant permits. Fish and Wildlife, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers are some that would almost certainly would have to sign off.

The part that TransCanada has asked for permits for, and that Obama keeps using every excuse he can come up with to deny the permits for is the northern half, the part that crosses the Canadian border.

Obama is clearly hoping that people who don’t pay close attention to politics will see “Obama pushes for approval of Keystone XL pipeline permits” and think that he’s changing his tune and will let the pipeline go ahead, but the truth is, he’s still stopping the critical part and just allowing a section that the builder isn’t even requesting permits for yet.

Smoke and mirrors, that’s all it is.


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