Former VP Cheney Gets Heart Transplant; Lefties Respond With Hate

I knew this would happen as soon as I saw the news of Mr. Cheney’s transplant this weekend. I apologize for posting such crude language, but these are unedited tweets:

“Whoever donated their heart to dick cheney: fuck you,” tweeted @yokelesy.

Considering that the heart donor is no longer living, that seems a bit difficult, @yokelsey.

“Cheney’s black soul keeps rotting out his heart. Fuck that bitch,” @SolidGlo waxed poetic.

“Why in the contumacious fuck are we wasting a perfectly good heart on dick cheney?” tweeted @mr_senor_pete

“I’m glad Cheney survived his heart transplant because I’ve always wanted him to die in a horrible fire,” @Jedimasterbator tweeted.

Good old lefty compassion on display there.

“Also, bummed Cheney didn’t die. Might go celebrate Bulls win / mourn Cheney’s survival with beers,” offered @mybandowen.

“Angry villagers have gathered outside of Inova Fairfax Hospital with torches and pitchforks demanding the monster be put to death! #cheney,” tweeted @HVonHankelton.

Remember after Gabrielle Giffords was shot, many on the right — including myself — offered prayers and best wishes for her recovery, even as members of her own party wanted to remove her from her committee assignments.

And yet the lefties continue to accuse conservatives of hatred. Judge for yourself.

(hat tip: Sibboleth Nation)


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4 responses to “Former VP Cheney Gets Heart Transplant; Lefties Respond With Hate”

  1. Dana Marshall says :

    All the hatred here that was tweeted… these people don’t understand. While I don’t believe that Dick Chaney deserved a new heart (he IS 71 after all), the hatred here is uncalled for. There is a time when the elderly need to realize that medical science isn’t right for them and they should just accept death. Many people die at his age. And he received a heart that could have gone to a younger person who would have gone on and worked or done something else productive.

    • Conservative Wanderer says :

      You do realize that VP Cheney waited far longer than most people do for a heart transplant, right?

      …he waited longer than average as well — 20 months vs six months to a year.

      He did not use any political pressure to get himself moved up the list, rather he waited longer than most people do.

      As for just dying, that’s what a lot of people say about disabled people too… including those with hidden disabilities like mine.

  2. Dana Marshall says :

    No, I didn’t realize that, still my comment still stands. And you’re talking to the choir here, I’m visibly disabled. I know what people say. If I were to need a heart transplant, people would probably want to know WHY. Hell, they want to know WHY I have a $28,000 wheelchair AND $8000 expenses or so every 45 days for implanted drug pump refills when I do not work (for money), and am collecting Social Security. What did I do or what DO I do to deserve this?

    • Conservative Wanderer says :

      I’m sorry, I have this belief that all humans, regardless of age, physical disability, political or religious beliefs deserve the same shot at life, with the possible exception of those convicted of capital crimes.

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