EPA To Release Rules Effectively Banning New Coal Plants

The Obama Administration’s war on traditional energy sources continues apace:

The Environmental Protection Agency will issue the first limits on greenhouse gas emissionsfrom new power plants as early as Tuesday, according to several people briefed on the proposal. The move could end the construction of conventional coal-fired facilities in the United States.

The proposed rule — years in the making and approved by the White House after months of review — will require any new power plant to emit no more than 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt of electricity produced. The average U.S. natural gas plant, which emits 800 to 850 pounds of CO2 per megawatt, meets that standard; coal plants emit an average of 1,768 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt.

Note: approved by the White House. That has two big implications. First, this plan was not submitted to Congress for any sort of approval, so this is the Imperial President Obama imposing rules that he couldn’t get through Congress by using his Executive Branch agencies. Second, because it was approved by the White House, when the effects are felt — in higher electricity bills — Obama will have an incredibly hard time ducking responsibility.

Remember, he said that he’d cause electricity prices to “necessarily skyrocket”

I guess you could call this a promise kept, but the effects of this promise — higher electricity prices — when combined with higher gas prices, just might be enough to push Obama out of the Oval Office and onto the golf course full time.

(h/t Volokh)


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