Self-Driving Car Takes To The Road

Maybe it’s the geek in me, but I just find this really neat:

“This is some of the best driving I’ve ever done,” Steve Mahan said the other day.

Mahan was behind the wheel of a Toyota Prius tooling the small California town of Morgan Hill in late January, a routine trip to pick up the dry cleaning and drop by the Taco Bell drive-in for a snack.

He also happens to be 95 percent blind.

A lot of the gadgets they used could also help sighted drivers, like me.

Google announced the self-driving car project in 2010. It relies upon laser range finders, radar sensors, and video cameras to navigate the road ahead, in order to make driving safer, more enjoyable and more efficient — and clearly more accessible. The search engine giant was awarded a patent on the system in December.

Of course, there’s still a lot of questions to be answered:

“There are a lot of hoops that are going to need to be jumped through in the years to come: Things like driver’s licenses and regulatory stuff to allow these vehicles to traverse roadways. But the technology is absolutely intriguing,” he said.

That it is. There are times even I’d like to sit back and let the car do the driving instead of doing it myself… and I happen to love to drive.


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