Obama Facing Fundraising And Enthusiasm Shortfall

Looks like it’s not just economic issues that may be causing problems for the Obama Campaign this year. They’re not getting the donations from donors this time around, and college-age students, who voted nearly 2-to-1 for Obama in 2008, really aren’t that excited about him this year.

First, the donor problem:

By some measures, Mr. Obama’s re-election drive, which at one point was projected as perhaps the first $1 billion campaign in U.S. history, has collected tens of millions of dollars less than President Bush’s campaign had at the same point in 2004, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) figures.

Democrats say the numbers are not exact apples-to-apples comparisons, with total numbers complicated by the rise of independent super PACs and funds raised for the party organizations.

But the less-than-imposing numbers have prompted a flurry of fundraising emails to supporters to donate ahead of the March 31 first-quarter deadline, including separate appeals from Mr. Obama and first lady Michelle Obama just in the days since the president returned from an international summit in South Korea on Wednesday.

Democrats can spin this all they want, but the desperate fundraising efforts show the truth… if they were really doing that well, would the pace of fundraising be that high?

On top of that, it looks like a lot of their young volunteers from 2008 may not help out this time:

On election night 2008, freshman Meagan Cassidy left Lake Forest College and hopped a train to Chicago to celebrate Barack Obama’s impending victory.

“There was probably no better place to be,” Cassidy said in a phone interview. The excitement generated that evening spurred her on to become an intern and then a field organizer in three congressional contests and two human rights campaigns.

Now a senior, Cassidy, 21, said she’s not working on a campaign this time around. She’s too busy looking for a job at a nonprofit advocacy group. She and her friends aren’t discussing the election as much as in 2008, she said.

“There is not much talk of Obama at all,” Cassidy said of the mood on campus, which extends beyond the president. “I don’t think anyone’s satisfied.”

So, his donors are keeping their wallets closed, and young people are unsatisfied with what “Hope and Change” has really meant to them — including high unemployment, high gas prices, and a President who’s been more of a divider than a uniter.

Obama definitely faces an uphill climb this year.


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