Peggy Noonan’s Second Thoughts

Speaking of enthusiasm shortfalls, former Republican turned Obamaite Peggy Noonan, whose paean to The One back in 2008 was likely responsible for changing the minds of some undecided voters, appears to be having second thoughts:

In terms of the broad electorate, I’m not sure he really has a relationship. A president only gets a year or two to forge real bonds with the American people. In that time a crucial thing he must establish is that what is on his mind is what is on their mind. This is especially true during a crisis.

From the day Mr. Obama was sworn in, what was on the mind of the American people was financial calamity—unemployment, declining home values, foreclosures. These issues came within a context of some overarching questions: Can America survive its spending, its taxing, its regulating, is America over, can we turn it around?

That’s what the American people were thinking about.

But the new president wasn’t thinking about that. All the books written about the creation of economic policy within his administration make clear the president and his aides didn’t know it was so bad, didn’t understand the depth of the crisis, didn’t have a sense of how long it would last. They didn’t have their mind on what the American people had their mind on.

The president had his mind on health care. And, to be fair-minded, health care was part of the economic story. But only a part! And not the most urgent part. Not the most frightening, distressing, immediate part. Not the ‘Is America over?’ part.

I guess Peggy was asleep the day in 2007 when Obama released his health care plan, amid quotes like:

“I am absolutely determined that by the end of the first term of the next president, we should have universal health care in this country,” the Illinois senator said.

That to me says that the candidate has health care at or near the top of his mind. But Peggy seems to have missed that little nuance — a nuance that’s about as easy to miss as a naked sumo wrestler in your living room.

No, what happened is that Peggy willingly shut her eyes to the true Obama that was shining through in statements like the one above, and the infamous “spread the wealth around” remark, and many others. Instead, she allowed herself to be mesmerized by the mellifluous voice reading the teleprompter, for what reason only she and the Almighty know.

And now that he’s proven to be nothing like what she thought, she’s scrambling to find someone to blame — anyone except herself and people like her who were warned by true conservatives (and I don’t mean that in the Ron Paul-supporter sense of the term). Read her article today and see if you find any hint of self-reflection or even (God forbid) a mea culpa in it.

So, instead of blaming herself for being fooled, she’s blaming a slimy politician for being a slimy politician. She might as well blame water for being wet. But it’s easier for her ego to blame him than to admit that she was gullible enough to be fooled, and is apparently still being fooled, because nowhere in her article is any suggestion that voters should cast their ballot for anyone other than Obama.

All in all, the only thing Peggy Noonan accomplished with this piece is to show us that she lacks the intellectual fortitude to admit that she was wrong. That should relegate her to irrelevance, but in today’s society, it probably means that she’s going to be offered a reality series.


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