Romney Starts Sounding Like GOP Nominee; Turns Rhetoric On Obama

Now instead of attacking other Republicans, he’s attacking the Democrat he’ll be facing:

It has been weeks since Romney has mentioned his GOP rivals while campaigning, instead setting his sights on President Obama. Friday, he took the fight a step further adding new lines of attack on Obama.

“This is a President who was not elected on the strength of a compelling record of accomplishment but by a compelling personality and story,” he said.

Romney slammed Obama for the U.S. unemployment rate, saying long-term unemployment is “worse than we’ve seen the Great Depression,” and criticizing his stimulus plan as being as “ineffective as it was expensive.”

He said the communities Obama sought to help as a community organizers are the same ones riddled with joblessness, calling it an “ironic tragedy.” He also took on the president over his energy policies, his tax policies and Obamacare. In a culmination of his criticisms, he said “we can’t undo” Obama’s legacy.

“Many Americans have given up on this president but they haven’t ever thought about giving up. Not on ourselves not on themselves. Not on each other. not on America,” Romney said in closing.

This is the kind of rhetoric we need to see out of our nominee if we’re going to beat Obama in November — explaining where Obama has failed, and calling on Americans to dream of an America that works, literally. We need to get government out of the way of businesses and let them get back to hiring.

I’m glad to see Romney turn his sights on Obama, because that’s who we really need to beat.


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