Another Obama Administration Official Resigns Amid Scandal

This time, it’s all about a really big party in Las Vegas in 2010:

The General Services Administration’s inspector general issued a 16-page “management deficiency report’’ on Monday outlining its findings concerning the 2010 Western Regions Conference in Las Vegas. The report concluded that the five-day event for 300 attendees in October 2010 at the M Resort Spa Casino cost more than $822,751.  It added that many expenditures were “excessive and wasteful.”

In the wake of the report, the head of the GSA resigned and two of her deputies were fired. (The GSA is  the federal agency that manages U.S. government buildings.)

This is about par for the Obama Administration course; to them, taxpayer dollars are infinite and eternal, so spend all you want!

GSA spent $146,527.05 on catered food and beverages during the WRC. That spending included $5,600 for three semi-private catered in-room parties and $44 per person daily breakfasts. GSA also paid $30,207.60 – or roughly $95 per person – for the closing reception and dinner; attendees at that dinner included 27 guests of GSA employees and seven contractor employees. GSA obtained repayment for guests’ meals, but only for 23 of the guests and not for the entire cost of the meal.

Ya know, I’m in my mid-40s and I don’t remember ever eating a meal that was $95 just for me.

An administration official said the expenses also included about $3,000 for a mind-reader to entertain attendees, though the inspector general’s report made no mention of it.

They should have hired a fortune teller, maybe she could have warned them about this, though it really doesn’t take much precognition to figure out that these sorts of expenses aren’t really responsible. One wonders, though, if the bigwigs would have resigned if this report hadn’t been written.

I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.


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