Van Jones: Romney/Rice Would Drive Obama Campaign Crazy

Presented for what it’s worth (probably not much):

When the Roundtable discussion on ABC’s This Week Sunday predictably turned to who Mitt Romney should pick as his running mate if he seals the Republican presidential nomination, former Obama green jobs czar Van Jones made an interesting observation.

“You want to do something bold, put Condoleezza Rice on the ticket and watch the Obama campaign go crazy”

In the first place, what vested interest does Van Jones have in making the GOP ticket stronger? Answer: Almost certainly zero. In fact, his vested interests would seem to be just the opposite.

In the second place, is Van Jones some political uber-guru? Er… no, he’s been nothing but a low-ranking political activist, mostly with environmental outfits no one’s heard of, most of his life. He did serve for a while as a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, but apparently he’s not there anymore. His one and only book, The Green Collar Economy, is ranked by Amazon at #582,118 in hardback, 60,599 in paperback, and 15,074 in Kindle edition, which is discounted by the publisher, not Amazon, down to $2.99. Hardly a real barn-burner of a book (these are rankings, so a lower number is better, like being #1 on the bestseller list is better than being #9). For comparison, the Mark R. Levin book Liberty and Tyranny, released the year after Jones’ book, is ranked #3,892 in hardcover, #6,819 in paperback, and 7,145 in Kindle edition, and is still selling for $11.99, because they don’t need to cut the price drastically to get people to buy it. So Jones is probably around third-string as an author, if not lower.

Last, and hardly least, why would Romney pay any attention to a former Obama staffer? That would be like the Texas Rangers taking roster advice from the New York Yankees.

In short, thanks for the advice, Van, but if you told me stone was hard, I’d try out a rock as a pillow, so I think I won’t follow it.


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