Obama: Ryan’s Budget Would Hurt Weather Forecasting

Obama is demagoging the Ryan budget again:

Obama on the Paul Ryan budget: “We wouldn’t have the capacity to enforce the laws that protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the food that we eat. Cuts to the FAA would likely result in more flight cancellations, delays and the complete elimination of air traffic control services in parts of the country. Over time, our weather forecasts would become less accurate because we wouldn’t be able to afford to launch new satellites and that means governors and mayors would have to wait longer to order evacuations in the event of a hurricane. That’s just a partial sampling of the consequences of this budget.”

The part he didn’t tell you: his own budget would have made direct cuts to the National Weather Service!

Cuts to the National Weather Service’s 2013 budget proposed by the Obama Administration today would reduce the number of information technology officers at weather forecast offices across the nation, jeopardizing lives and safety in extreme weather events, warned the National Weather Service Employees Organization.

“The ITO position is crucial to the lifesaving work of weather forecast offices,” said Dan Sobien, president of the National Weather Service Employees Organization.

“These are the guys who ensure our technology is working and our forecasts are accurate,” said Sobien. “Without an ITO on site, responses will be slower and lives will be lost during extreme weather events. This is an alarming move backwards when it comes to protecting the public.”

Hypocrisy, anyone?


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