Senate Democrats Scared Of Energy Bills

The Hill:

Some Senate Democrats doubt their leaders will put energy legislation on the Senate floor again before the election for fear it could turn into a messy battle that could hurt incumbents.

Legislation to repeal tax breaks and royalty relief for oil and gas companies that failed to get cloture Thursday could be the last energy bill to reach the floor before the election, even though the price of gas is becoming a hot political issue as it remains just short of $4 per gallon for regular.

The really interesting part of the article is a couple of paragraphs down:

Udall said Democrats expect Republicans to pounce on any energy bill that comes to the floor to force vulnerable Democratic incumbents to take difficult votes.

Why would these votes be “difficult”? The best reason I can think of is that the Democrats know removing tax breaks on “Big Oil” isn’t going to lower prices at the pump, and they don’t want the voting public to see the lack of effect that this bill would have. So, they’ll leave the bill on the sidelines while they demagogue the issue to the best of their ability.

This stance also illustrates that these Democrats are more focused on re-election than the real good of the nation. If they really thought that removing these tax breaks would be good for America as a whole, they should go ahead and do it, explain it to the voters, and then take the consequences, whatever they are. However, a politician that’s more focused on his own job security and the power that goes with it isn’t going to do that, and that’s what we’re seeing from the Senate Democrats.


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