Rasmussen: 53% Say Obama Governing As A Partisan Democrat

Obama might as well drop all his claims of trying bipartisanship, apparently fewer and fewer people are buying it.

Since just months after his inauguration, voters have consistently felt more strongly that President Obama is governing like a partisan Democrat than in a bipartisan manner.

Now, 53% feel that way, the highest finding since early December 2010. A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds that 32% of Likely U.S. Voters disagree and think he is governing on a bipartisan basis. The latter figure is unchanged from last month which marked the lowest finding in a year. Fourteen percent (14%) are undecided.

Who are these 32% who think he’s being bipartisan? Probably diehard lefties who think he’s moved too far to the right and those that only know what the leftymedia tell them without searching out alternative news sources.

The interesting thing is that more and more people seem to be coming to that conclusion, and going into an election year I don’t see how that can be good. Obama, like all modern presidential candidates, has to appeal to the broad swath of voters that aren’t ideological lefties or conservatives, and they tend to dislike politicians that are seen to be too partisan.

Don’t expect him to try to move back to the center, though. If he did that, the lefty base would start to desert him, since they already see him as a big disappointment. He hasn’t closed Gitmo, he hasn’t taxed “the 1%” into oblivion yet (and even if he did, another “1%” would just take their place), we haven’t completely replaced coal and oil with solar and wind power yet, and all the other lefty fantasies that he hasn’t fulfilled. He has to keep moving as far to the left as he can or the base will stay home in November, and that would doom his re-election hopes.

If Obama had started a move to the center after the 2010 elections, he might have been able to pull a Bill Clinton and win re-election, with enough “independents” voting for him to make up for the loss of base voters, but by this point it’s far too late. Any move he makes to the right will be seen as pure political posturing and won’t help him at all.

(Standard poll disclaimer: Polls are easily skewed, and should be taken with a large grain of salt until the demographics of the respondents is known.)


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