Van Jones Planning “99 Percent Spring”

Get ready for a rowdy spring and summer:

An Egypt-styled “Arab Spring,” which has put radicals in charge of the government, will be launched in the United States this spring with a war on “corporate power, Wall Street greed and the political corruption of the 1 percent,” according to the group headed by former Obama green aide Van Jones.

“They’re really not going to like the 99 percent Spring,” said Rebuild the Dream in an organizing email Friday.

Given that as of January a slim majority saw the occupiers as a nuisance, I’m not sure these protests are going to that much good to the Obama campaign. They may actually do a good deal of harm, which I find it hard to be sad about.

Oh, and get this… they’re going to train the protesters:

Comparing the collection of protests last year that are symbolized by the 99 percent campaign and Occupy movement, to those of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., the group said that “we were all inspired by the protesters of the Arab Spring who stood up to totalitarian governments, and inspired the Occupy movement here in America.”

The plan for now is to hold protest training sessions around the nation next week. Over 900 are scheduled so far.

Ya know, I wasn’t aware that Gandhi had ever held “protest training sessions” around India. Nor Dr. King (doctorate in theology, remember) having “protest training sessions” around America.

Oh, and one more big difference. In the Middle East, the Arab Spring installed radical regimes… here in America, it would be to keep the radicals in power.


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One response to “Van Jones Planning “99 Percent Spring””

  1. onlyspartanwomen says :

    Way back in my lefty days, when I was working as a lefty newspaper reporter for an Association of Alternative Newsweeklies paper, I did research for a piece that I unfortunately never ended up publishing. The feature was going to be about the history of student-led political activism in America and its re-emergence, which came to light with a wave of protests that began in Seattle. I recently pulled out and read an old draft of the piece because the media’s underestimation of OWS has been giving me chills.

    When I was working on the article, I had the opportunity to interview some very colorful ’60’s radicals and present-day academics, as well as students of course. This whole training thing has been going on for a looooong time. Back in the ’90’s,The AFL-CIO did some interesting summer sessions with students, got them all charged up over sweat shop labor, and then sent them back to their prospective universities. They had taught them how to organize, protest, and boycott clothes made in China and Mexico which were then sold in school bookstores. (Just a guess, but I’m thinking it’s not the 6-year-old Chinese kid the AFL-CIO was worried about here). On a more fundamental level, they were teaching them how to rally support and exert pressure on an establishment. The Green Party has been holding similar workshops all over the country for years. As a lefty interviewing a bunch of lefties about “the movement” from the ’60’s to the ’90’s, I learned some very interesting things about just how organized this rag-tag group of seemingly aimless students and protesters actually are, at least at the top. It worries me every time I see a commentator dismiss them as being random or having no coherent message because while that is probably true for the majority of the kids holding the picket signs, I can say with full confidence that is not true for the organizers who are the same people who have been organizing rallies and demonstrations since Seattle 1999 (or since the ’60’s for that matter).

    I’m not trying to come off as a conspiracy theorist–I’m just sharing a personal experience that has shaped my perspective on this particular issue.

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