Timothy Cardinal Dolan On Government Contraception Mandate

Over the weekend Timothy Cardinal Dolan was on Face the Nation, and he spoke out on many issues, including separation of church and state, whether you should vote for or against Romney because he’s a Mormon, and of course the mandate that religious institutions and companies have to provide contraception coverage.

The video is below the fold. If you’re just interested in his comments on the mandate, it starts about 5:15 in the clip.

I am not a Catholic, though two of my closest friends are, but I gotta say I agree with what Cardinal Dolan said about the mandate, and also about Romney’s Latter-Days Saints faith in this election. Yes, the Mormons have some unusual beliefs, but the idea that a President Romney would take orders from Salt Lake City belongs in the same file as the fear that President Kennedy would take orders from Rome… that is, in the same file with the black helicopters, CIA-implanted mind-control devices, Republican presidents controlling hurricanes and making them strike Democratic strongholds, and other conspiracy theories.

Just to reiterate something I’ve said many times before. Romney was not and is not my first choice for a GOP nominee, he’s not my second, he’s not even my third; but he’ll be a darned sight better than the current occupant of the White House.


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