Gas Prices Rising Faster Under Obama Than Under Carter

Think gas prices are skyrocketing faster than in recent memory? You’re right.

Marking the similarities between President Barack Obama’s time in office and former president Jimmy Carter’s is nothing new. But as of Monday, Obama has hit one more Carter benchmark – both saw gas prices double in their first term of office.

In fact, while just barely, Obama has seen an even higher gas price increase than Carter dealt with under his administration.

Under the Carter administration, gas prices increased by 103.77 percent. Gas prices since Obama took office have risen by 103.79 percent. No other presidents in recent years have struggled as much with soaring oil prices. Under the Reagan administration, gas prices actually dropped 66 percent. When Bill Clinton was president, gas prices grew by roughly 30 percent, and under both Bush presidencies, gas prices rose by 20 percent.

Remember how the lefties responded to gas prices rising under Bush? We saw articles like this one from 2004. In fact, according to a Media Research Center report from last year, the leftymedia blamed Bush about 15 times as often as they blame Obama for rising gas prices.

The one small silver lining to this huge cloud is that pain at the pump is likely to turn voters off on Obama.


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