Hero Worship 101: Harvard To Offer “Understanding Obama” Course

More evidence that to the left, Obama is “Sort of God” (as if more were needed):

According to the Harvard Law School course catalog, professor Charles Ogletree will be teaching a reading group called “Understanding Obama” for one classroom credit during the 2013 spring term.

Yes, they’re even going to be giving college credit for this course.

“This reading group will focus on the way in which race, religion, and politics have impacted the development of President Obama as a leader,” the Harvard Law School Course Catalog explains. “We will explore his views as a biracial child, his time as a student at Harvard Law School, the successes and failures of his political campaigns, and the way religion and his views on faith nearly derailed his campaign. Finally, time will be spent analyzing the challenges he faces as president of the United States in establishing both his domestic and global policies.”

When will Harvard offer an “Understanding Reagan” course? They could talk about his low beginnings, as the child of a shopkeeper who lived above the store, through his family’s move to Dixon, Illinois where the local inn wouldn’t serve blacks so Reagan took them to his house where his mother put them up for the night and fed them breakfast the next morning. Then they could explain how he went from being a Democrat to a strongly conservative Republican. They could even explore his later years, and his fight with Alzheimer’s.

But to expect that from such a bastion of leftism as Harvard is probably about as useful as expecting milk from a steer.


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