Harry Reid: Seniors Love Junk Mail

I kid you not:

“And when talking about seniors, seniors love getting junk mail. It’s sometimes their only way of communicating or feeling like they’re part of the real world,” Reid continued. “Elderly Americans, more than anyone in America, rely on the United States Postal Service, but unless we act quickly, thousands of post offices … will close. I’ve said this earlier today; I repeat it.”

This excuse is so pathetic that it’s self-refuting. In this day and age, the fact that the local coffee stand sends them coupons reassures the elderly that there’s still a wider world out there?

Not to mention that the closing of post offices doesn’t necessarily mean that mail delivery will stop. Most of those scheduled for closure are in large metropolitan areas like DC, Philly, St. Louis, Chicago… the list goes on. There’s plenty of post offices staying open in these areas for mail delivery to continue, so Reid’s precious elderly constituents can continue to get his (free thanks to franking) pleas for their precious dollars to help him keep his cushy seat.

So why all the sturm und drang about post office closings from the Senate Majority Leader? Two words: union jobs. And who does the American Postal Workers Union give to? The partial list of recipients below (courtesy OpenSecrets.org) should give you an idea:

Berkley, Shelley (D-NV) House $10,000
Connolly, Gerry (D-VA) House $10,000
Miller, George (D-CA) House $10,000
Nelson, Bill (D-FL) Senate $10,000
Schultz, Debbie Wasserman (D-FL) House $10,000
Sutton, Betty Sue (D-OH) House $10,000
Tierney, John F (D-MA) House $10,000
Braley, Bruce (D-IA) House $7,500
Clarke, Yvette D (D-NY) House $7,500
Cummings, Elijah E (D-MD) House $7,500
Davis, Danny K (D-IL) House $7,500
Donnelly, Joe (D-IN) House $7,500
Fattah, Chaka (D-PA) House $7,500
Feinstein, Dianne (D-CA) Senate $7,500
Larson, John B (D-CT) House $7,500
Loebsack, David (D-IA) House $7,500
Murphy, Christopher S (D-CT) House $7,500
Wilson, Frederica (D-FL) House $7,000
Carson, Andre (D-IN) House $6,500
Sanchez, Linda (D-CA) House $6,500
Bass, Karen (D-CA) House $6,000
Dingell, John D (D-MI) House $6,000
Hirono, Mazie K (D-HI) House $6,000
Perlmutter, Edwin G (D-CO) House $6,000
Towns, Edolphus (D-NY) House $6,000

Notice a similarity in party identification on that list? In fact, since 1990, there’s only been one year that more than 10% of the APWU’s donations have gone to the GOP, and that was 2004, and the Republicans got a whopping 12% of their donations, leaving Democrats with a measly 88%.

If Mr. Reid is going to agitate to save union jobs and their donations to the Democrats, he could at least be honest about it instead of spinning fantasies about how his lonely elderly constituents need their AARP junk mailings to remind them of the world outside their cottages.


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