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Rubio: “If I Do A Good Job As Vice President…”

Freudian slip, or letting the cat out of the bag?

“Three, four, five, six, seven years from now, if I do a good job as a Vice President — I’m sorry, as Senator, I’ll have the chance to do all sorts of things,” Rubio said today.

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Obama/Boehner/Cantor Unemployment Plan: Get Government Dollars While Working

I’m heavily skeptical of this plan:

The Obama administration is looking for states that will experiment with unemployment insurance programs by letting people test a job while still receiving benefits.

The plan is a key feature of a payroll tax cut package that President Barack Obama negotiated with congressional Republicans in February.

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Want To Shake Obama’s Hand? That’ll Be $1,000

If you thought $50 for a picture with Newt Gingrich was outrageous, try this story:

Supporters lined up bright and early to get in the door at The Henry Ford, including Lonnie Peek, who handed over $1,000 to stand in a rope line and shake the President’s hand.

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Quinnipiac Poll: Romney Leads On Economy

At first glance, this seems to be a bit contradictory, but it does sort of make sense:

President Obama holds a thin 46 percent to 42 percent lead over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in a Quinnipiac University national poll released Thursday, even as voters give the Republican a major edge on such key issues as the economy, jobs and gas prices.

The president has a ten-point edge with women voters, 49 percent to 39 percent. But Mr. Romney is viewed as better on a number of pocketbook issues that both sides agree could be critical come November. On the economy, according to the survey, voters rate Mr. Romney as the better candidate by 56 percent to 38 percent.

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