Obama/Boehner/Cantor Unemployment Plan: Get Government Dollars While Working

I’m heavily skeptical of this plan:

The Obama administration is looking for states that will experiment with unemployment insurance programs by letting people test a job while still receiving benefits.

The plan is a key feature of a payroll tax cut package that President Barack Obama negotiated with congressional Republicans in February.

Why the skepticism? The bolded section in this paragraph explains it.

The plan is modeled after a Georgia program called “Georgia Works.” Under the plan, workers who have lost jobs can be placed in other temporary jobs as trainees for short periods to retain their skills or gain new ones while receiving jobless assistance. About a third of the time, those workers wind up getting hired full-time.

.333 (also known as 33%) might be a pretty good average in baseball, but in finding permanent employment it’s not that good. And the temporary jobs will take away valuable daytime hours that could be used for sending resumes, going to interviews, and the rest of the stuff required to land a permanent job.

Why am I calling it the Obama/Boehner/Cantor plan?

Supporters of the programs say it helps workers retain or learn new skills and add new job references to their resumes. The plan passed with support from leading Republicans, including House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Way to go, guys, spending our tax dollars on a program with a 33% success rate when we’re already up to our eyebrows in debt.



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