Romney: “I Will Build That Pipeline If I Have To Myself.”

Romney’s hitting Obama hard on one of the many areas that he’s vulnerable: the Keystone XL pipeline and the gas prices it would drive down.

Mitt Romney drew a line in the oil sands on Friday, focusing on the controversial Keystone pipeline project opposed by the White House and saying, “I will build that pipeline if I have to myself.”

Romney blasted Obama on a range of policies during a speech to the Republican National Committee’s State Chairmen’s National Meeting in Arizona, but singled out the controversial project that would route Canadian oil sands south to Gulf Coast refineries.

And Mitt has come up with a good explanation of Barack’s energy policies:

Romney pledged that he would expand drilling for gas and oil as president and would buy oil from Canada. He attacked what Obama has frequently termed his administration’s commitment to an “all of the above” energy plan.

“It does not seem like an all of the above energy policy to me,” Romney said. “And then I figured it out: The president does like all of the above. He likes all of the energy sources that come from above the ground. So anything below the ground he doesn’t like: Coal, oil, gas. We all like wind and solar. But we also like those below the ground.”

Of course, a simpler explanation is that Obama is lying through his teeth when he says he’s committed to an “all of the above” energy plan, preferring to be beholden to the lefty greenies that make up a large chunk of his base.

Let’s hope Mitt keeps hammering Obama on the policies that are driving up gas and energy prices and hurting America’s economy. Like Reagan* against Carter, it’s likely the best path to victory in November.

*No, I am not comparing Romney to Reagan. I’m comparing this election to the 1980 election, mostly because Obama’s in a similar situation to where Carter was back then.


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