Happy Earth Day: Introducing The $60 “Green” Light Bulb

Of course, Obama did promise that your electricity rates would “necessarily skyrocket.” I guess that applies to light bulbs too.

A prize-winning light bulb that lasts for 20 years is going on sale in the US on Sunday – also known as Earth Day.

Made by Dutch electronics giant Philips, the bulb swaps filaments for light-emitting diodes to provide illumination.

Using LEDs endows the light with a long life and a hefty price tag. The first versions are set to cost $60 (£37).

Philips has arranged discounts with shops that will sell the bulb meaning some could buy it for only $20 (£12).

Now, don’t get me wrong, longer-lasting bulbs are a good thing, because I hate getting up on a ladder (or more often, a chair) to replace them. But at $60, 0r even $20, it seems that the hassle is outweighed by the cost, unless they last a heck of a lot longer than any other bulb on the market. I mean, when you can get six compact fluorescent bulbs (not my favorite) for around $10, why would you pay twice or six times that for a single bulb?

But, Al Gore can afford it, and so can most of the other limousine lefties that support this sort of thing, so inside of their little bubble the price isn’t a cause for concern. Maybe they should get out of their comfort zone and walk a mile in the moccasins of someone who lives in what they dismiss as “flyover country.”


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