Hilary Rosen Fallout: Romney Leads In Respect For Working Women

We’re still learning just how much of a disaster Hilary Rosen’s off-the-cuff comments are going to be for the Obama Campaign. Seems that her comments are hurting Obama’s standing with women, if this Hill Poll is correct:

Forty-nine percent of likely voters said the presumptive GOP presidential nominee respects women who have independent careers, while 27 percent said he doesn’t and 24 percent weren’t sure.

When asked if President Obama respects women who stay at home rather than pursue a career, 37 percent of likely voters said he doesn’t and 35 percent said he does. Twenty-nine percent were unsure.

The crosstabs on this poll show a pretty reasonable D/R/O split of 33/36/32, so it seems that these results are fairly trustworthy, and bad news for Obama. But wait, as they say on TV, there’s more.

On the issue of which candidate better understands women’s issues, Obama has a slight advantage over Romney with all voters, 42 percent to 40 percent, but that was a statistical tie given the poll’s 3-point margin of error.

When it came to just women voters, 46 percent said Romney better understands their issues while 41 percent said Obama is better.

There was also a statistical tie when it came to which political party is better for women, with 42 percent of all voters saying Republicans and 41 percent Democrats.

All in all, the fact that Obama is at best, tied with Romney on these issues, especially with the female vote generally going for Democrats, is a real danger sign for Obama. Rosen’s comment seems to have pulled the mask off the Democratic disdain for stay-at-home moms, which resonates even with those women that work outside of the home, because most of them with kids, at least in my experience, would rather be at home with the kids.

Whether or not the Romney campaign can capitalize on it, however, is another question.


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