Gingrich To “Reassess” This Week

Is Newt heading for the exit?

Newt Gingrich’s daughter said Tuesday that the former House speaker will “reassess” his campaign after the vote in Delaware, potentially setting the stage for his exit from the Republican presidential race.

Someone find out what Newt has been drinking, by the way.

Gingrich has hung his comeback hopes on a strong showing in Delaware and has spent considerable time there in recent weeks. He has not won a presidential primary since finishing first in his home state of Georgia on March 6.

Uh… yeah. Both Delaware’s Senators are Democrats, their Representative is a Democrat (even after the 2010 Tea-nami), and in 2008 they voted nearly 2-1 for Obama (62% to 37%). Just the place for the self-described “conservative” to make his last stand.

Bottom line, Newt’s campaign has run its time, and then some. He needs to go back to running his company, which is really suffering in his absence.


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