Mia Love: Perhaps The First Black Republican Woman In Congress

Well, this should give the lefties who love to shove people into groups apoplexy:

Mia Love won the GOP nomination for the 4th Congressional District race Saturday at the Utah Republican Convention, scoring a major upset after wowing the crowd with a roof-raising speech at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy.

The daughter of Haitian immigrants, Mrs. Love took 70.4 percent of the delegate vote, well in excess of the 60 percent required to avoid a primary runoff under Utah’s unique rules. She defeated former state legislator Carl Wimmer, who had been viewed as the heavy favorite. He mustered only 29.6 percent of the vote.

Given how heavily Republican Utah is, it’s likely that she’s got a good chance of winning it. And where will the lefties’ usual racist and anti-women attacks on conservatives be then? On shakier and shakier ground, but don’t expect them to stop using it. It’s all they have, because if they admitted their real plans to the voters, none of them would ever be elected to office.


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One response to “Mia Love: Perhaps The First Black Republican Woman In Congress”

  1. Nicholas Darkwater says :

    Surely Allen West & Tim Scott can use the company , , , & let’s not forget Michael Williams in Texas.

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