Romney Borrows A Reagan Line

The line is probably one of the most important for Reagan’s victory over Jimmy Carter: “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

“Four years ago Barack Obama dazzled us in front of Greek columns with sweeping promises of hope and change,” Romney says in his remarks. “But after we came down to earth, after the celebration and parades, what do we have to show for three and a half years of President Obama?”

In an homage to the political mantra of Ronald Reagan – “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” – Romney sought to appeal to average Americans.

Romney goes on to add specifics, then borrows from Clinton as well:

“Is it easier to make ends meet? Is it easier to sell your home or buy a new one?” he plans to ask. “Have you saved what you needed for retirement? Are you making more in your job? Do you have a better chance to get a better job? Do you pay less at the pump?”

“It’s still about the economy,” Romney adds bluntly, taking a line from Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1992. “And we’re not stupid.”

Most of us who don’t live the life of a limousine lefty know that things are harder now than they were when Obama moved into the Oval Office, and that’s why this will be a devastating question to use against Obama. I hope Romney keeps using it.


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