Latest Green Energy Source: Spinach!

And the government is throwing our hard-earned tax dollars at this idea.

President Obama recently touted algae as a potential source of energy, and now the Environmental Protection Agency has invested in converting spinach into an energy source.

The EPA awarded a $90,000 grant over the weekend to Vanderbilt University students “who designed a biohybrid solar panel that substitutes a protein from spinach for expensive silicon wafers that are energy intensive to produce, and is capable of producing electricity.”

Yes, it’s only $90k, but what’s even more important than the money is the attitude. They’ll throw money at the craziest of green energy ideas, but they refuse to let existing companies drill for oil, coal, natural gas, and other energy sources that are, well, proven and that don’t need government subsidies.

I’m afraid to ask what they’re going to try next.


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