Perry Endorses Romney

All in all, pretty predictable:

Texas Governor Rick Perry, one of Mitt Romney’s former rivals for the GOP presidential nomination, has formally endorsed the former Massachusetts governor for president.

Perry, after previously endorsing Newt Gingrich, now says Romney, whom he once called a “vulture capitalist,” has “earned the nomination.”

“Today I join the many conservative Republicans across the nation in endorsing Mitt Romney for president and pledge to him, my constituents and the Republican Party than I will continue to work hard to help defeat President Obama,” Perry said in a statement issued Wednesday.

“American jobs, economic stability and national security depend on electing a new president. Mitt’s vision and record of private-sector success will put America back on the path of job creation, economic opportunity and limited government.”

I was and still an a Perry fan, but this doesn’t bother me as much as it might some. Perry clearly has his eyes on the main objective, which is to get Obama out of the White House. In order to do that, conservatives need to follow the Buckley Rule and vote for the most conservative candidate with a realistic chance of winning, and that ain’t Ron Paul… it’s Mitt Romney.

Might be nice to see Perry get the VP slot, tho.


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