Third Annual Bowl-A-Thon For… Abortion?

From the really bad optics department comes this one:

Now, look closely at the upper right area of the image… where it says “Fund Abortion Now.” I went and found the home website for this effort, and — surprise, surprise, surprise —  they want the Hyde amendment repealed… meaning that they want our taxpayer dollars to fund abortions, regardless of our personal feelings about abortion. And this is despite the fact that they have a huge list of funds that will pay for abortions, donating their own money to end a human life before the person has a chance to really experience living.

And these people want to claim that they’re not pro-abortion? With the evidence above, that doesn’t pass the laugh test.

Oh, and check out which religion they chose to lampoon in their photo above. ‘Nuff said.

(h/t Sibboleth Nation)


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