Senate Democrats’ “Trap” For Romney Likely To Trap Democrats

This “trap” looks like it’ll work about as well as the Hooded Claw’s endless traps to catch Penelope Pitstop:

Senate Democrats are planning a new ploy to put Mitt Romney and Republicans on the defensive with female voters.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will bring to the floor in coming weeks legislation to protect women from retaliation by employers if they inquire about salaries paid to male colleagues

Republicans voted in unison to block the bill, the Paycheck Fairness Act, when it came to the floor in November of 2010.

There are two obvious ways to answer this “trap.”

  1. Simply ask if it would also apply to White House employees, because Obama pays his own female employees less than men employed in the Obama White House. You could also ask how Mr. Obama would like it when his female employees ask about how much the men make. The Romney camp could also demand that the Senate Democrats release how much they pay their female employees when compared to the males.
  2. Or, you could point out that this creates a special “right” for women, which isn’t very “fair,” now is it? In every job I’ve ever had, payroll info for other employees has been strictly off-limits, regardless of gender. Now the Senate wants to force employers to change policies — again! — and just for part of their workforce, not for the entire staff. All Romney has to say is that he’s interested in true workforce fairness, with everyone playing by the same rules, rather than special rules for women.

Either or both of these responses would put the Democrats in a quandary, but I like the first one better, because it points out their essential hypocrisy, and if there’s one thing the Democrats are full of, it’s hypocrisy.


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