Freedom Tower Rises From The Ground Zero Ashes

Today the Freedom Tower, also known as One World Trade Center, will become the tallest building in New York City, on its way to becoming the tallest in America.

This is the day that One World Trade Center can claim to be New York City’s tallest skyscraper.

Workers Monday will be putting steel columns in place on the 100th floor that will make the unfinished frame of the building a little more than 1,250 feet high. That’s just high enough to peek over the roof of the observation deck at the Empire State building.

Freedom Tower demonstrates that you may be able to knock Americans down, but all we do is get back up again better than before. Recovering from 9/11 is not a partisan achievement, it’s something we’ve all done together, not as Democrats or Republicans, not as Asian-Americans or African-Americans or Dutch-Americans or Mexican-Americans or even as Martian-Americans, but just as Americans, period. Let’s celebrate it that way.


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