Romney: Obama Shouldn’t Make Bin Laden Operation A “Politically Divisive Event”

Look who’s sounding more Presidential than the President himself:

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is calling on President Barack Obama to not let the killing of Osama bin Laden become a “politically divisive event.”

Romney says Obama can rightfully take credit for bin Laden’s downfall. But he says it was “very disappointing for the president to try to make this a political item” by suggesting he wouldn’t have ordered the raid, saying, “Of course I would have.”

Look, did Obama make the right call on the OBL op? Of course he did.

But what’s far, far beneath the dignity of the office of President is to try to take complete and total credit for everything, especially when he’s handed off all the decision-making to a Navy Admiral (which was probably also the right call, given Admiral McRaven’s experience). And it’s also incredibly petty of him to try to claim that his opponent wouldn’t have made the same call.

Romney, on the other hand, is being Presidential, giving credit where credit is due. I hope the voters remember that in November… and I suspect they will, especially if Obama tries the same thing around the 9/11 anniversary this year.


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