Romney Compares Obama To Carter

National Journal reports this as if it was a new concept:

For the second time in three days, Mitt Romney invoked the name of Jimmy Carter as part of an ongoing attempt to tie President Obama to the one-term Democratic president.

Speaking at a small female-owned company that designs trade shows and museum exhibits, Romney argued that the president’s lack of private-sector experience has led to policies that are making it difficult for small businesses to thrive.

“It was the most anti-small-business administration I’ve seen probably since Carter,” Romney told an overflow crowd packed into the company’s warehouse.  “Who would’ve guessed we’d look back at the Carter years as the good ol’ days, you know?”

I dunno where National Journal’s been all this time, we here at ACW have been comparing Obama to Carter at least since 2009.

It’s also a very natural comparison to make. The last two Democratic presidents (pre-Obama) were Clinton and Carter, and Obama certainly isn’t Clinton, though he might like to think he is. Obama’s policies, like Carter’s, have made the economy worse and weakened us on the international stage. Most 40-something or older voters also remember Carter’s years, and things like gas lines and the President’s call to put a sweater on, and except for the most lefty lefties, we don’t get all nostalgic about those years.

Romney is no Reagan, but we can hope that Obama repeats another Carter accomplishment and becomes a 1-term Democratic president.


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