Romney On Obama’s “Forward” Slogan: “What? Over The Cliff?”

One thing I’ve learned in years of debating lefties (going back to the pre-internet days when modems required phone lines and connected to services like CompuServe) is that most lefties have very little in the way of a sense of humor, and so ridicule is a very effective tactic against them.

Looks like Romney’s figured that out as well:

Mitt Romney this evening, speaking to a group of high-dollar donors at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, poked fun at President Obama’s newly unveiled campaign slogan, “Forward,” remarking, “Forward, what, over the cliff?”

Given facts like this one, it certainly seems that Obama wants to drive the nation into a Greece-like crisis; i.e. over the cliff.

So where, Mr. Obama, are we moving “forward” to? A wonderful socialist utopia like North Korea? Personally, if that’s the destination, I’ll stand with William F. Buckley and yell “halt!”


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