Mission Impossible: Obama Trying To Recapture 2008 Campaign

Desperation, thy name is Barack Obama:

If there is ever a moment when President Obama needed to capture the vintage version of himself, it is Saturday’s campaign rallies in swing state Ohio and Virginia.

The big problem for him is that Obama in 2008 was a blank slate that people could project their own desires on to. In 2012 he’s got a record following him around, and that record is definitely not a good one.

On the heels of a lukewarm jobs report, the graying, 50-year-old president who has suffered, as he puts it, “dings in the fender” during his three years in office is aiming to generate the level of excitement that typified his 2008 campaign.

Obama will launch his bid for reelection in appearances with the first lady before jam-packed, rocking arenas—the president’s favorite campaign setting—at Ohio State University and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Sounds like a really tough sell, given that in the Obama economy a lot of college grads and near grads are having a lot of trouble finding employment. Are they going to want to continue with the guy that gave them the status quo, or switch to someone with a solid business record (his political record is troubling to a conservative, his business record isn’t)?

Obama supporters, including those who worked for him in the last campaign and in the White House, acknowledge that things have changed and that the electorate doesn’t view him in the same light.

That’s an understatement if ever I’ve seen one. Obama’s promises have been shown to be smoke and mirrors, Even the promise that ObamaCare would become more popular after it was passed has been shown to be… let’s say mistaken.

So while Obama may want to turn the clock back to 2008, but I don’t think the voters are going to fall for it. And if this is the best Obama can come up with, he’s in deep trouble.


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