Obama’s “Forward”: Blaming Bush

Obama seems to have a very strange definition of “forward.”

In order to move “forward,” the Obama campaign reached backward on Saturday, trying to rekindle the magic of the 2008 campaign.

For the second time on Saturday, during his second official campaign rally, President Obama sought to push a new campaign slogan “Forward,” telling those gathered at Virginia Commonwealth University that the country can’t afford to elect Mitt Romney and move backward to the Bush administration’s “failed” policies.

In other words, it’s the same song Obama has been singing since 2008, and it must be about the 847th verse by now.

I also don’t think the voters are going to buy it. The response is likely to be, “Yeah, those are the problems we hired you to fix in 2008, and you still haven’t fixed them. Why should we give you a second chance?”


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2 responses to “Obama’s “Forward”: Blaming Bush”

  1. deliaangel says :

    The blame game is so old. It’s pathetic.

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