Hillary Clinton Replacing Joe Biden As Vice Presidential Nominee? (BUMPED)

BUMPED: Once again, Michael Goodwin (who wrote the article linked below) was on Fox News this morning pushing this meme, so I am bumping this post back to the front page.

My answer to his Hillary fantasies remains unchanged.

The recent Hilary Rosen flap has started this meme again:

It was a serious mistake, the result of a class-warfare strategy followed to a fault by a zealous Democrat. But inadvertently, one Hilary’s blunder could open the door to the other Hillary’s rise.

We speak of the attack on Ann Romney by Hilary (one L) Rosen. The fallout raises the odds that Hillary (two L’s) Clinton will end up as Barack Obama’s running mate.

Hillary Clinton running as Veep this time around is about as likely as Obama admitting that ObamaCare is a failure and asking the Democrats in Congress to send him a repeal bill, which he’ll then sign. It just ain’t gonna happen.

Removing Biden from the ticket would be an admission that The Great Barack The First, The Lightbringer, He Who Was To Make The Oceans Stop Rising, was wrong about something; specifically, wrong to pick Biden as Veep in 2008. Such a thing is completely out of the question for the Narcissist-In-Chief.

Not to mention that the last President to run for re-election with a different Vice President on the ticket than the one in his first election was Richard Nixon, because Spiro Agnew had resigned amid a criminal trial for tax evasion. Obama switching Veeps would open the door to comparisons to these two infamous politicians, which is another very good reason he won’t do it.

While I wish people would quit bringing up this meme, it does serve as a good indication of how dissatisfied people are with the current Democratic ticket.


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