“Julia” And What She Says About Obama

A few days ago, the Obama campaign unveiled “The Life of Julia.” Perhaps inadvertently, the leftists in the Obama camp have given a valuable insight into their worldview and the way America will look if they have their way.

Obama and his fellow travelers want an America where any given citizen is not only taken care of but is also supervised and even controlled by the government, not to mention gets their means of living from the government, and this is clear from the way that the slideshow depicts Julia’s life. At every stage of life, there’s Big Brother Government, “helping” her out. An interesting point is that even with all these benefits lavishly handed out by Uncle Sugar, there’s no mention of “Julia” paying taxes, which are set to skyrocket next year unless Congress and the President act — and somehow I don’t think he’ll mind much if taxes go up in his second term, because he won’t have to stand for re-election again.

So in a second-term Obama’s America, you can clearly expect that the attempts — like ObamaCare — to make all citizens into mere wards of the state will continue and likely intensify. If he’s handed a Republican Congress, he’ll just do it by executive fiat, as he’s already demonstrated he’s willing to do with EPA regulations and other examples.

“Julia” should, and probably does, scare anyone who doesn’t want Big Brother watching them cradle-to-grave, which I firmly believe is most American citizens. The fact that Obama and his employees thought this would be a wonderful addition to their campaign leads me into my second point, which is that Obama is really out of touch with the American public.

This isn’t really news to those of us who’ve been paying attention. From the “bitter, clingers” comment to the “spread the wealth around” answer to Joe the Plumber, Obama gave every indication of being detached from the lives of ordinary Americans during his campaign. It also shouldn’t surprise anyone that he’s treating himself to endless rounds of golf and his family to $400,000 vacations to Spain — paid for by the taxpayers — while voters struggle to make ends meet and have “staycations” instead of vacations.

Obama was raised and lived his entire adult life in a lefty bubble of unreality, where he was insulated from many of the issues that most Americans deal with on a daily basis. With any luck, “Julia” has shown people just how disconnected Obama is from their lives, and that might make “The Life Of Julia” Obama’s equivalent of Jimmy Carter’s “Killer Rabbit” or Michael Dukakis’ photo-op in the tank.


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