Obama Knew Bin Laden’s Location For A Year Before The “Gutsy Call.”

Is it really a “gutsy call” if it takes you a year to make it?

General Jack Keane (Retired), the former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, told Mike Huckabee tonight that Barack Obama knew about Osama Bin Laden’s hideout since the summer of 2010.  But Barack Obama refused to act for several months. He wanted absolute proof first that Osama was living there.  It wasn’t until May of 2011 that he agreed to attack Bin Laden’s compound, almost a year later.

Video at the link.

We also should remember that Obama was all set to blame Admiral McRaven and presumably the rest of the armed forces if the mission went belly-up, in a cynical repeat of the Mission Impossible warning that if things went wrong the Secretary would disavow any knowledge of the team’s actions.

All told, this is likely to blow up in Obama’s face, and in a spectacular fashion.

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