Rasmussen: More Believe The Economy Is Getting Worse Than Believe It’s Getting Better

More bad news for the Obama campaign, and a good explanation of why they’re trying to talk about anything except Obama’s economic record.

Thirty-six percent (36%) of all adult consumers now believe the U.S. economy is getting better while 46% believe it is getting worse. Those results are a bit weaker than results from just before the jobs report.

Obama was elected in large part as a response to the economic news in September 2008, and people expected him to make his first priority fixing the economy. Instead, Obama made his first priority passing a bloated so-called “stimulus” bill that didn’t work and then passing a massively unpopular health-care monstrosity. He’s spent the time since doing that promising multiple times to “pivot” to jobs and the economy, but it never seems to happen, and things are still very hard for a lot of voters.

People aren’t buying the Hope and Change line anymore, seeing it as Hype and Blame, especially blaming Bush. Here’s a news flash for Obama and his supporters: Bush isn’t in office now! You’ve had over 3 years to fix things, and you’ve failed miserably. The American people can look back on the Reagan recovery and see that it can be done in that time frame, if you have the right policies — and you Obamamaniacs clearly don’t have the right policies.


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