Al-Qaeda Working On Pet Bombs

No, that’s not like a Pet Rock, that’s a bomb surgically implanted in an innocent doggie or kitty.

At the age of only 30, the al Qaeda bombmaker behind the foiled plot on U.S-bound planes has emerged as the most feared face of terror for American authorities, a master technician with a fierce hatred for America and ingenious plans for hiding hard-to-detect bombs inside cameras, computers and even household pets.

This is what we’re fighting against. People that would use a doggie or kitty as a bomb, hoping that it will get past security and kill innocent people.

If it isn’t clear yet that these people are only interested in killing, killing, and more killing, like demented serial killers — and I mean real serial killers, not pseudo-friendly fictional ones like Dexter — this should make it clear. And if it doesn’t, honestly, you’re so deep in denial it’s scary.

They’re not interested in just killing our armed forces members — though that is a goal of theirs, because our armed forces are a threat to them — but they’re also dedicated to killing Americans period, whether in uniform or not. To them, there are no innocent Americans, we’re all worthy only of being killed by them in their minds.

Those who want to make peace with people like these are living in a fantasy world, and their naivete might get more Americans killed. And everyone reading this should know who in America is trying to make peace with terrorists.


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