Over Twelve Million Reasons The Tea Party Is Not Going Away

Sorry, lefties, the Tea Parties are well-funded enough to stick around for a good long time:

The Woodstock, Ga.-based Tea Party Patriots reported raising  $12.2 million for the year ended May 31, 2011. That vaults them into the ranks of some of the most successful conservative activist groups, including FreedomWorks, the Club for Growth and Americans for Tax Reform.

And this is just one of the Tea Party organizations around the nation, albeit one of the largest. There are also lots of smaller Tea Party groups around the nation that may or may not be affiliated with Tea Party Patriots — some of them may even be fronts for fooling voters into electing non-conservative politicians who try to co-opt the Tea Party label for their own uses.

However, any organization with that kind of fundraising power won’t be fading away any time soon, so I guess the astroturf left will have to get used to having grassroots conservative groups around to oppose them.


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