Obama Skipping Martha’s Vineyard This Year

I guess he’s decided to work on his fundraising rather than his golf handicap this year:

Unbook the tee times and cancel the cocktail soirees. Because word from the Beltway is that President Obama will not return to Martha’s Vineyard this summer for his annual canoodle with the Beautiful People.

Not that this is exactly shocking news. Because it is, of course, an election year. Which means that instead of playing 18 with deep-pocketed donors, sipping cocktails with Masters of the Universe and shooting hoops on his private court, Barry will be shaking hands and kissing babies with peons in the swing states.

Gotta love the snark in that piece, but they also have some good points, like this one:

Of course, with the economy still pretty much in the toilet and unemployment rampant, it would not be good for the prez’s poll numbers for him to be hitting the links at the private club in Edgartown, where initiation fees ran as high as $500G at one time. That would just tee off struggling Americans who will head to the voting booths three months later!

The problem is that dropping it now is nearly as bad as going would be. The timing here practically screams “hey, I’m only doing this to avoid bad optics during the election season!” Perhaps if he’d figured it out earlier, it might not have been so obvious, but I suspect his overconfidence and narcissism got in the way of that.


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