Obama’s Changing Gay Marriage Stances

Yesterday, a friend asked me, “What do you think about the President backing gay marriage?” To answer it, let’s look at his past positions on this.

  • Back in 1996, when he was running for Illinois State Senate, he backed gay marriage.
  • Then, in 2004, when running for the US Senate, he says, “that marriage is between a man and a woman” and “I don’t think marriage is a civil right”
  • In the 2008 Presidential campaign, he again says that he’s “not in favor of gay marriage.”
  • And now, in 2012, Obama comes out with a statement that even gay-marriage-favoring Gawker called “bu****it.” (Fair warning — at the link, that word doesn’t have the asterisks in it.)

ABC News has only released one brief clip of Obama’s conversation about gay marriage today, but it seems fairly clear from the network’s coverage that his announcement amounts to much less than meets the eye. He now believes that gay couples should be able to marry. He doesn’t believe they have a right to do so. This is like saying that black children and white children ought to attend the same schools, but if the people of Alabama reject that notion—what are you gonna do?

In other words, he’s trying to sit on the fence, saying that he favors it without calling for a “right” to marry people of the same sex. President Present strikes again!

So the answer to my friend’s question could be, “which position?” He’s had more than one, and flip-flopped at least once, presumably for some political advantage. And that’s the only thing he was thinking about yesterday, “how can I get the hard-line lefties to support me?” The statement he came up with is his answer to that question.


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