This blog, started 8 November 2008 (easy date to remember) is going to be about the state of conservatism, the nation, and the world in general. We’ll throw a few fun things in from time to time as well. It’s a joint effort between the Conservative Wanderer and PhyCon, who decided to start it in the wake of the Obama victory.

Conservative Wanderer (you can call him CW if ya want) will be the more prolific blogger. The pattern will probably be general news updates during the evening hours (both CW and PhyCon have day jobs), with longer opinion pieces on the weekends.

PhyCon will post opinion pieces as the mood strikes him, but will be present behind the scenes nonetheless–CW tends to bounce ideas off him.

By the way, we really shouldn’t have to say this, but in this age of lawsuit-itis, here it goes:

All opinions expressed here are those of the author (blogger, commenter, or quoted author from another source), and are not necessarily the opinions of anyone else, including but not limited to the employers of any given author.

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